Welcome Brides!

Hello! Welcome! And Congratulations!  

I am here to tell you, you have come to the right place. I have a small history of working with Brides from doing freelance makeup. I am aware of the toll it can take on you and your partner to plan and organize! ESPECIALLY during a pandemic! You are in the right hands, by letting me design your wedding earrings. And quite possibly your whole wedding party, Mother and mother-in-law!!! 

I got you! The earrings can be what ever suits your in soul! I will do my best to design something that suits your imagination and bring it to life. And then, have all your bases covered for gifts/jewelry for the rest of your close humans in your life!

Email me today! We can get the ball rolling, since creativity cannot be rushed and these are made to order (usually, unless a pair or two came out in a launch that suits your needs) 

For 5% off Total  Purchase - Order 1-5 Earrings.

For 10% off Total Purchase - Order 6+ Earrings.


With love, and excitement,

xo Alisha